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Decision Making Dilemma

Scrabble pieces arranged to spell: Decide, Commit, Repeat

Are you someone who frets over decision making?

Are you always afraid of choosing the wrong direction?

Do you find yourself paralyzed into inaction, worried you'll make the wrong choice?

Decision making can be difficult for many people. Fear of making the wrong decision and it leading to negative consequences can paralyze many people from making any decision at all.

Most decisions in our experience are not life or death. They are more like being on a sailboat. We adjust the sails to move us in a direction and we will continually have the option of moving the sails to course correct and change that direction.

If you find your sailboat gets anchored or tethered in one place, here are a couple ways to move yourself forward:

  1. Define the decision.

  2. What are the pros and cons of the decision

  3. What is the worst that will happen if it's the wrong decision?

  4. What learning will you have if it's the wrong decision?

  5. How important is this decision?

To complete the decision:

  1. Ask the Question ... what needs to be decided.

  2. List the possible choices and see how your body reacts to each possibility. Sit with each one for just seconds and see what sort of reaction your physical body has.

  3. If it's not a "hell yes" then it's a no.

  4. Allow yourself to go against what your brain says if your intuition feels strong and you will remain safe.

  5. Jump off the cliff and make the decision. No decision is full proof and also most of them are not fatal. Most allow options to readjust your sails.

Practicing small decision making will strengthen your muscle for when bigger choices come to the forefront. Getting comfortable with some uncertainty and having faith that you can adjust the direction will grow that muscle and allow for more confidence in this process.


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