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Inner Guidance

Hand with antique compass

There is a strong force inside each of us that is called an Inner Guidance.

You will know you are headed in the right direction when you are feeling pulled towards something; and you will know you are going in the wrong direction when every part (or even a small part) of your inner self is saying “wrong way”. Your work is to begin to listen to that still small voice that is always trying to communicate with you.

What does your inner guidance sound or feel like?

It can be a quiet whisper pushing you towards something that you may feel a bit afraid to do.

It can be a nudge of interest in a person, place, situation or course of learning. It can be a feeling when you meet someone... an immediate comfort and familiarity telling you that this person is special. It can also warn you away from potentially toxic or dangerous situations.

As you begin to pay more and more attention to how your body and emotions feel in certain situations, you will begin to grow more and more attuned to that inner guidance. And as you listen more and more carefully, and honor it by following it’s lead, it will grow stronger and stronger inside of you.

In my life, my inner guidance has played a central role. Sometimes, I have listened carefully; sometimes it has taken me awhile to take its lead; and other times I have ignored it all together. None of that matters. What matters is knowing what it sounds like; feels like; looks like and how it is reinforced by the world and coincidences that happen around you.

There are no mistakes in life. We may go down a path that is unpleasant, but we also learn and grow from those experiences and they can often help increase our intuition if we notice what happened right before we went down this path. Did we have a subtle feeling that this was not the right choice? Were there signs telling us that we might not enjoy this experience? If we can honestly reflect on even the most difficult and painful situations, we may again discover our intuition was walking right there alongside us and we either didn’t recognize it or chose not to follow it.

But never worry, because our Intuition is a steadfast and true companion and never leaves our side. It will be right there waiting for us to pay attention and will still provide reliable information no matter how many times we may have ignored it in the past.


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