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The Benefits of Grounding

River on a cloudy day

Grounding means to connect to the earth and release built up energy that collects in the physical and mental bodies.

Many of us have busy schedules where we are rushing from one thing to the next and spend very little time getting present in the moment. We are on our electronics, social media, television media... all of this has a tendency to leave us feeling ungrounded, out of sorts. Certain people in our lives, who are also ungrounded, can impact our own ability to feel grounded As a result we often are disconnected from ourselves and disconnected from what we are needing to support our own well-being... both physically and psychologically.

Once grounded we often feel reconnected both to ourselves and others. We find we can be more present in the moment and can better pay attention to those we are working with or are connected to.

Signs that you may be ungrounded:

  1. Forgetting things. This can include forgetting appointments, deadlines or even why you walked into a room.

  2. Feeling spacey and having trouble concentrating on what people are saying.

  3. Finding it hard to complete tasks or stay focused on tasks at hand.

  4. Getting distracted or losing track of time.

  5. Feeling anxious or overwhelmed by things that don't usually bother you.

  6. Tripping or injuring yourself doing simple tasks... like walking.

Here are some very easy ways to get grounded quickly:

  1. Nature. Going to a park and laying on the grass can rejuvenate our bodies and ground us quickly. Going for a hike can also be extremely grounding.

  2. Take an Epson Salt bath for just 20 minutes. Be sure to rinse off afterwards.

  3. Sit outside and really pay attention to the sounds of the birds, the smell of the trees and the feel of the air on your skin.

  4. Just taking a short walk can have similar effects. Feel your feet touching the ground with each step you take.

  5. Imagery. Imagine that you have roots emerging from your feet going deep into the earth. Use your breath to create this imagery and notice the way you feel more present when these roots are deep.

Each person is unique in the activities that help them feel more grounded. Taking the time to explore what helps you feel grounded as well as the things that unground you will be valuable information to grow a more healthy and sustainable day to day life.


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