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What Can You Give

Today is the day that we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. Aside from the controversy around the origins of this holiday, using this time to reset our expression of generosity and gratitude is something most of us can use.

Time flies by and we forget that expressions of loving kindness, compassion and generosity are expressions that leave the most lasting impression on the people around us. Both giving and receiving kind words and gestures is a legacy that will live on in the manner it touches others.

Taking this day, and the entire holiday season to ask what is the loving legacy you may want to leave.

  1. Choose a loved one to express feelings of love and gratitude towards. Writing a loving note; or sending a voicemail reminding them of the reasons you care for them.

  2. Bake cookies or something special you can bring as a gift to a friend or someone you care about.

  3. Reach out to someone who has experienced loss or difficulty recently and let them know you care about them. That you remember them and can hold space and love for their challenges.

These may seem like simple basic things, yet they often fall by the wayside in the busy-ness of life. Often when we take action in caring for others, we can create a snowball effect where other's feel grateful for our kindness and pass it not only back to us but also towards others in their lives.


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