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Is the Car our New Office?

VW microbus on a beach

A year ago, we had a sense that adapting to at home learning and working would be short lived. As time has marched on, we have realized that working and learning at home might become the "new norm".

In this acceptance, and for some embracing, of todays lifestyle, we have found that our homes are not always equipped to have multiple work spaces, school learning spaces, and a quality environment for productive meetings.

We have had to get creative on where to take meetings to ensure a quiet, private space. For many, the car has become the new office. With its ability to move around, control quality of space, and hook onto many wifi networks throughout town, it's an ideal environment.

How best to use this new workspace? You want to make sure all your devices for use are fully charged before taking a meeting in your "office"; you also want to make sure, wherever you park, you have the privacy you require ( a busy street is not ideal), a quiet atmosphere (horns honking, or traffic noise can be easily picked up by our device microphones), and a good connection through your device. Final note, make sure that you test a call or zoom meeting with a friend or family member to ensure quality reception.

The ability to have a traveling office means we can find many quiet spaces that are enjoyable to our senses and create calm and productivity.


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