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Join our Community

Want to get started? Here's how it works

We make the setup experience simple and straightforward.

Set up your profile

We will work with you on getting your professional profile set up. This will include everything you need to communicate your experience and specialities.

Let's get acquainted

 We like to have a chat with all Therapists who join our Community. This helps us better understand your goals.

Explore the Community

Sign up for Case Consultation, get new insights in the Knowledge Center and grow your practice.

Your new therapist community

Engage in Community Programs from anywhere, including Case Consultations. 

Connect with new colleagues and share ideas, approaches and resources.

Grow and diversify your practice by attracting new clients anywhere you're licensed.​

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We do marketing for you, so you can focus on your clients

We work with you to create a professional profile that's client friendly and accessible.

Prospective new clients contact you to set up initial consultations. 

Our marketing experts have extensive experience in digital consumer marketing. 

Got something to say?
Become a contributor

Apply to be a Session in Progress Blog Contributor.

A great way to build your reputation.

Promote in your own professional social channels.

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Flexibility and simplicity

We know you're busy, so we strive to make it easy to participate in our Community programs.

Our professional profiles are designed to make it easy for clients to find the right Therapist. 

Therapist qualifications

Session in Progress™ is building a diverse community of talented mental health professionals who strive to help their clients achieve success and who share a common set of core values.

Qualifications required for therapists to be included in our directory:

Clinical Experience

Have a minimum of 5 years direct independent clinical experience.


Have and maintain active clinical license, allowing independent clinical practice and an individual NPI number​.


Have and maintain sufficient malpractice and liability insurance.

Equipment & Internet Service

Maintain reliable computer equipment and internet service capable of high quality video conferencing.

Therapist Profile

Complete our profile setup process and work with our team to create a clear client-friendly profile.

Chat With Us

We ask that all therapists have an introductory chat with us. This helps us better understand and align our goals.

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