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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some common questions and answers about Session in Progress

What is Session in Progress?

Session in Progress is a community of mental health professionals who make their services available through the Therapist directory on Session in Progress. 

Does Session in Progress provide mental health services?

No. Session in Progress is not a provider of mental health services. 

I'm looking for a Therapist. How much does Session in Progress cost?

Session in Progress is a free service for people looking for a Therapist​.

I'm a Therapist. How much does it cost to get listed in the directory?

Therapists do pay a fee to be listed in the Session in Progress directory. Visit our Plans and Pricing page to see our current subscriptions fees.

Are Therapists in the directory licensed?

Yes. We require all Therapists to be licensed. Learn more about requirements Therapists must meet before they can be listed in our directory. 

Do Therapists in the directory take insurance?

Each Therapist in our directory sets their own fees and sets their own policies about taking insurance. 

How long does it take for a Therapist to get back to me?

We encourage all Therapists in our Community to responds to prospective client inquiries quickly. However, we can't guarantee a response time.



Still have questions? You can email us at  We're always happy to hear from you, but please do not send us any medical information.

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