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Creating Renewed Motivation


Antique typewriter with the word goals typed on paper

Although the new year offers regular opportunities to set intention for the coming year, we can create renewed motivation at any moment by deciding it's time to Begin Again. Although it's true that New Years Day is a natural and significant break in the momentum of our lives that allows us to take stock and decide what's been working and what we might like to do differently in the coming months, we can consciously find ways to create these moments any time throughout the year.

Setting a new intention can ignite Motivation.

Ideally, once we set our intentions, the most effective way to accomplish them is by breaking them up into small, manageable size chunks of focused goals. When we focus on short term goals it's easier to focus our attention and complete the tasks. Each task, or set of tasks, leads us closer towards our goals.

For example, it can be overwhelming to think about the goal of "keeping my home clean all year". An easier and more manageable goal may be "I will make my bed every morning this month". This short term goal that will inevitably lead to success will offer us greater motivation to add an additional short term goal toward keeping our home more clean. In addition, once we

Create a Simple Intentional Plan:

  1. Long Term Goals. Ask yourself what is the top long term goal you'd like to accomplish the year? (it's great to have a due date)

  2. Break It Down. Break this long term goal down into 12 (or more) manageable components that build upon each other.

  3. Calendar. Put the short term goal onto your daily calendar (not the to do list... your actual calendar)

  4. Complete and Check Off. Aim to complete that short term goal as soon as you can during the day. The sense of accomplishment will last throughout the day and keep you motivated. Erase that accomplished goal off your calendar. Feel that sense of accomplishment.

  5. Repeat Daily. Do that again the next day until it's either a habit or you are ready to move on towards that next chuck of your goal.

  6. Do It Again! Repeat for any further goals you may have.


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