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Solving The Source of Sadness (or any feeling)

person holding dirt and seedling in their hands

Have you ever just been going about your day, all seems fine, and then suddenly you just feel out of sorts. Sad, Angry, Fearful?

A clients said to me today "I woke up feeling sad and I don't know

why". Exploring further, it was clear they were unable to access what could have caused these uncomfortable feelings to take up residence in their body and mind.

Sometimes we can suddenly find ourselves feeling a strong emotion and not understand where it came from. Many of us often live in a fairly unconscious state where interactions or experiences happen that cause all sorts of feelings, yet we are often disconnected from these feelings. When they happen, and remain unrecognized or unprocessed, we may find later we feel out of sorts "for some unknown reason".

Actually, often there is a direct source to an uncomfortable feeling that arises. The challenge is to become an observer to discover t