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Disconnect to Decompress

Person looking at a lake and mountains

There has never been a time in history where we, as humans, have been constantly inundated with information. Between television, social media and constant online connection, we are often in a constant state of being updated. When the news is good, it can uplift us and allow us excitement and motivation. Yet, more often than not, unfortunately, the news is fear based and filled with doom and gloom predictions. Here our nervous system is placed on high alert. The media sells its news by keeping people's nervous systems in a state of activation where they need to return to the news over and over again to ensure their perceived safety and survival.

Media only makes money when you are connected. They create a stimulus of fear in the amygdala in the brain which is the fear center. This is the part of the brain that processes fearful and threatening stimuli.

Decompressing is both simple and difficult.


When we put down the stimulation, even for a short period of time, our nervous system has a chance to down regulate. Most people notice initially they may feel more activated in fear they may be missing some pressing information. Yet after a short period of time, they begin to notice a greater sense of calm and peace.

Turn off the phone. Turn off the television. Turn off the computer.

Begin with an afternoon. When you run errands or are meeting a friend for tea, leave your phone at home or in the car. Have awareness around how it feels to disconnect and allow those feelings are to arise... remembering that even some anxiety around the disconnection is expected but is not an emergency or dangerous.

Instead of scrolling through social media or endlessly staring at the news being streamed in through your television, choose a soothing activity instead. Pick up a book. Have a sweet conversation with a loved one. Call an old friend or family member that you haven't spoken to for awhile.

Make a commitment to run an experiment and disconnect for a few hours each day for a week and notice the difference in how you feel when you are free from the fear being broadcast all around you.


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