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Father's Day Without a Father

Neck tie rack filled with neckties and balloon spelling dad

Father's Day is designed to celebrate father's and all they do to support their families. For many this is a day of gathering and celebration.

Many other's find themselves rudderless on days like today if they no longer have a father; are not a father; or have a poor relationship with their father. And frankly, this covers a large swath of the population.

How to navigate a day dedicated to something that may trigger feelings of sadness or grief:

  1. First, acknowledge that if feelings of loneliness or grief come up, allow these feelings some space to be seen, felt and honored. We keep ourselves the most emotionally centered when we honor any feelings that arise instead of pushing these feelings down.

  2. Find a way to honor this relationship that is no longer in your life. If you had a connected relationship with your father, do something you enjoyed doing together. Have a meal that was his favorite. Really feel and honor his presence with this ritual. Talk about him to those you are close to now. Relive meaningful memories.

  3. If you are estranged from a father, take a few minutes to reevaluate and honor the choice that was made. Is the reason still valid? Is it possible that it could be different? If those answers are no, then allow whatever feelings need to clear...whether anger or sadness to be seen and honored.

  4. Finally, connect with others. Being in connection and community will help you move through this challenging day with more ease and support.

These Hallmark holidays can be both beautiful and challenging. Handling them with consciousness can also an act of healing.


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