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Get Going on those Goals

Cropped goals calendar and coffee cup.

The New Year always bring about a desire to start fresh and set goals that you are SURE you will follow through with "this year". This year you are motivated, this year you have some new skill you didn't have last year, this year you think "how hard can it be". Good for you! Goal setting is the first step in achieving.

For those of us who need a bit of help being successful at goal setting, there is a way to create a fun way to do this, and one that will help you feel successful with your goals every day, even if you haven't achieved them the way you anticipated you would.

Set out your goals in themes: work/school; health/exercise/nutrition; family/friends; hobbies

However you define your goals, there is no specific way to do this, you just want separate spheres for each theme. Once you have decided what those spheres are, consider each goal you have in mind for the topic and then create a safety goal, a target goal and a reach goal. For example: if increase exercise is a goal, the sphere might look like this:

  • Safety: activity 2x/week

  • Target: activity 4x/week

  • Reach: activity 6x/week

The idea is that your Safety goal is one easily achievable. Something you know you can manage without any thought. Your Target goal is where you ideally would like to be. Your Reach goal is one that, if all things are perfectly aligned, you can obtain. It isn't where you set your sights, just merely one that if you make it great, and if you don't, you won't be disappointed.

So have at it! Get going on those goals!!


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