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Got Something Hard To Communicate?

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Communicating with others is one of the most important ways of developing relationships with people. Most people take communicating for granted and just practice the skills they naturally have that often reflect the tools their birth family used. Occasionally the tools we gleaned from childhood are excellent, but much more often they are lacking clarity and empathy, hurting those they most want to connect with.

Good communication falls under something referred to as Emotional Intelligence, or EQ. Different from the well known IQ, the EQ tends to actually be more important in developing relationships both at work and at home. The specific definition of EQ is: The ability to be aware of, control and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically. Here's where good communication is vital.

Improving Communication is actually easy given the time and space to practice some simple tools. Here are some tools to use to easily accomplish this goal: