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Raising kids is not a game of Limbo

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In today's society, there are often comparisons across the board to how children are growing and thriving. We keep quiet the struggles of our kids, and shine light on their successes. What does the focus on the positive do to the healthy emotional growth of our kids?

Development is not a game of Limbo. The bar doesn't start at the same place for everyone, and how it lowers or raises doesn't always come at the same time or at the same pace. There is a general guide for development, both physical and emotional. However, it is just that, a general guide. Just because one two year old can read, doesn't mean their peer who won't read until he/she is 4 or 5, will be any less successful in their life.

Every child has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. How they manage each side helps them achieve their next developmental goal. Even within the same family, one can see each child has their own distinctive personality. You could have an introvert and an extrovert, a child who academic achievement comes easy for and one who has to work hard to do well, a child who loves snuggles and connection and one