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Follow Nadal's Lead

Tennis balls on a red clay tennis court

On June 17th, 2021, tennis superstar, Rafael Nadal tweeted that he will not play Wimbledon or in the Olympics as he is "listening to his body" in order to "prolong my career and continue to do what makes me happy".

As a therapist, the supportive message this sends to those willing to hear is a departure of the typical message that tends to support working yourself into the ground.

He's telling us that work is great, but sometimes we need to slow down and take inventory about how we are physically and mentally doing and make choices that don't necessarily further our careers, but actually allow us to rejuvenate.

Here are two simple ways to Follow Nadal's Lead:

  1. Routinely ask yourself how you are feeling physically, emotionally or energetically. Our bodies and emotions are always communicating with us, so instead of seeing aches and pains as purely physical, ask those sensations if they have a message for us. When we have a lot of emotional things going on in our lives, this can take a large toll on our stamina.

  2. Take time to recharge your battery. Our country's unspoken motto is "work, work, work". Regularly taking a step back from work to regain balance in play and connection to friends is the fine art of having a balanced life.

Set an example for those around you by claiming that you are "listening to your body" and keeping yourself balanced so you can also Prolong Your Career (whatever that may be) and grow your own happiness. Follow Nadal's lead.


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